Abraham Palatnik

Brazilian plastic artist, pioneer in kinetic art in Brazil. His works contain electrical installations that create movements and games of light.

At the age of four, he moved to the region of what is now Israel. In Tel Aviv, during his adolescence, he studied physics and mechanics at a technical school, specializing in internal combustion engines.

He began his artistic studies in the studio of the painter Haaron Avni. From 1943 he began to take painting, drawing and aesthetic classes at the Municipal Art Institute of Tel Aviv, where he remained until 1947.

He returned to Brazil at the age of 20, going to live in Rio de Janeiro.

Together with the artists Ivan Serpa, Lygia Clark, Franz Weissman, Ferreira Gullar and others, he formed the Frente Group.

Alongside his brother, he opened the Arte Moderna e Decorativa store “Arteviva” Ltda. in 1954, where he produced and sold the furniture of his creation.

He produced furniture in wood and iron, often with sheets of glass decorated with his paintings.

His works are in the collections of museums such as the Modern Art of New York (MoMA) and the Modern Art of São Paulo (MAM).

He died at the age of 92, in Rio de Janeiro.