Carlo Hauner e Martin Eisler

Born in 1913 in Vienna, Austria, Martin Eisler earned his architecture degree in 1936. Influenced by the Second World War, he moved to Argentina in 1938, establishing his interior design firm, Interieur Forma. In the early 1950s, he relocated to Brazil.

Carlo Hauner, born in Brescia in 1927, moved to Brazil in 1948 after a successful stint at the Venice Biennale. He co-founded Móveis Artesanal and later joined forces with Eisler, establishing Forma in 1953. Together, they played a key role in introducing international designers to the Brazilian market.

Hauner returned to Italy in 1958, establishing Forma di Brescia, while Eisler continued Forma’s success. Hauner later sold his share to focus on painting and winemaking. Forma thrived in the 1960s and 70s until Eisler’s death in 1977. Interieur Forma in Argentina continues its legacy. The depth and quality of their work are still emerging, promising more captivating pieces in the years to come.