Branco e Preto

Founded in 1952, Móveis Branco & Preto emerged from the collaboration of architects graduated from Universidade Mackenzie: Miguel Forte, Carlos Millan, Chen Hwa, Jacob Ruchti, Plínio Croce, Roberto Aflalo and Salvador Candia, a group of people from São Paulo who came together and adopted a more sober of furniture, with a design that is both new and timeless.

Established in a store on Rua Vieira de Carvalho, in the center of São Paulo, they sold not only furniture, but also ceramics, gifts, art objects, lamps and fabrics. with new industrial raw materials: laminated wood, welded iron and plastic.
The keynote was the design at the same time functional and anatomical, with great concern for comfort. But there was no interest in industrial production: the furniture was made in small series, using specialized cabinetmakers. Each part of the chairs, for example, was individually crafted, resulting in solid units that gained lightness thanks to the design.

With the shortage of skilled labor in furniture craftsmanship, Branco & Preto ended up closing its activities in the late 1950s, but it played an important role in spreading a new formal vocabulary for Brazilian furniture.

Source: Galli, Vera “Chair, furniture in Brazil” São Paulo 1988.