Giuseppe Scapinelli

Born in Modena, Italy, Giuseppe Scapinelli (1891-1982) moved to Brazil in 1948. He became a successful furniture manufacturer and seller in São Paulo, where, in the 1950s, he established Fábrica de Móveis Giesse, the Santa Helena Carpet Factory and also Le Rideau and Margutta stores. Despite the evident Italian influences, the soft and curvilinear forms of his furniture, often made of caviúna, demonstrate a strong connection with the Brazilian spirit and a certain conservative distance in relation to his contemporaries.

Known for his wit, he shared ideas and opinions with the general public through the column “Scapinelli Responde”, of the famous Casa e Jardim magazine. Not by chance, the best-known description of the designer was made by that same magazine: Scapinelli is a “classic that remembers to be modern or, if you prefer, a modern that doesn’t forget to be classic”.

Source: “Brazilian Furniture Design Catalog, the latest expression of modernism” 2019.7.8-7.11